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The Power of The LifeLine Technique
This powerful technique has changed many, many lives, including Debbie's. It was developed by Dr. Darren Weissman, a Hay House author whose books on the subject are "The Power of Infinite Love and Gratitude" and "Awakening to the Secret Code of Your Mind". Debbie was trained by Dr. Weissman and is one of fewer than 300 practitioners in the world. The story of Debbie's client Paul, who healed his raging cancer with The LifeLine Technique, is on page 61 in Dr. Weissman's second book, Awakening the Secret Code of your Mind.You can learn more about the technique by visiting or listen to Dr. Weissman at Hay House Radio. Some of the powerful aspects of the LifeLine Technique are listed below.

One of the greatest advantages of The LifeLine Technique is that it works in the subconscious mind. Talk therapy is certainly of value, and has quite literally saved Debbie's life. However, when you are in talk therapy, you are in your conscious mind unless you are using EMDR, hypnosis or some other modality. Work in the subconscious mind is extremely powerful.

Safe and non-invasive:
Use of the technique cannot harm anyone in any way or interfere with any other healing. At worst, the client is being filled with Infinite Love and Gratitude.

It works for every issue/situation, be it physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, relationship, financial, releasing limiting beliefs, etc. because all of these are created by emotions that haven't been processed.

It can be used on children and animals or in other situations via a surrogate. It is incredibly valuable for a parent to become aware of the subconscious emotions a child is experiencing. These are things that a young child could not verbalize even if they were aware of them.

Remote sessions:
It can be done remotely. Debbie worked with a client in Kentucky whom she had never met; the mother of a friend. All sessions were done over the phone, and because of their work this woman was able to avoid splenectomy surgery.

Holding patterns:
Holding patterns are what Debbie considers to be one of the greatest values of the technique. Have you ever met anyone who had cancer, got rid of it, got it again and got rid of it, only to get it again - perhaps in a different area? That's a holding pattern! These people are getting cured but they are not getting healed - they are not getting to the root of the problem. The last part of the LifeLine Flowchart is to determine where the holding pattern is that keeps these emotions and issues returning to the client. It is either in the Mind as a limiting belief, in the Body as some degeneration, or in the Spirit which is always about trauma.

Healing from the past:
If the client has a limiting belief (a Mind Holding Pattern), Debbie will ask if there's a concept of an 'original occurrence' of this limiting belief. If so she will determine at what age this occurred. If it was, for example, at the age of three, she would then take the client at the age of 3 through the flowchart to clear them out. Again, this is the power of clearing holding patterns.

The LifeLine Technique is content-free. The practitioner doesn't have to know a single thing about what's going on with a person. They don't have to talk about it or give any details. At most Debbie will ask what emotion comes up for them when they connect with the situation, and have them tell her where they feel that emotion in their body.

Debbie doesn't heal anyone. The body and mind are self-healing mechanisms. All she does is harmonize any emotions that block that healing.

Multi-level healing:
Healing occurs at so many levels. While emotions are cleared for a physical malady, the results of the release of these emotions create more ease and joy in a person's life. The synergy that occurs in people’s lives after they have been using the technique for some time is a delight to watch, as their relationships and attitudes are transformed after they’ve released emotions related to other issues.

The technique is very powerful for healing trauma. No retraumatization occurs and it has succeeded where other techniques alone have failed.

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