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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Debbie a healer?
No - She is a facilitator. The body is a self-healing mechanism. It knows how to heal itself. She simply clears any emotions or energy that may be preventing that healing.

How much does a LifeLine session cost?
The initial session requires a lot of explanation and there are always a large number of emotions that come up in a first session on any issue, so it generally takes two to four hours. The cost of this initial session is therefore currently $150. Rates for remaining sessions are much lower and prices depend on whether it is done in person, or over the phone. It is best to do the initial session in person. However, arrangements can be made if geography/location is an issue. Remaining sessions work just as well over the phone.

How many LifeLine sessions will it take?
This depends on many factors, including the type of issue you are working on, how much trauma you have endured in your life, your tendency toward 'stuffing' your emotions, and your willingness to make necessary changes in your own life. As an example, it took Debbie twenty-five to thirty sessions to relieve the Major Depressive Disorder in herself. She had been on antidepressants for twenty years and it was all deeply rooted. A selective mutism case took over 50 sessions, however this condition is all about emotions that have not been expressed because the person doesn’t speak, thus ALL these emotions had to be cleared. Many things take less than a dozen sessions to clear.

How do you know when the issue is completely gone?
You will feel better of course. However, the way you truly know there's nothing left to work on is when there is no weakness when testing for imbalances, no weakness in the power centers, no weakness in the Five Elements, no expression channels and no holding patterns. These are all parts of the LifeLine Technique Flowchart that will be used in each session.

How long does a LifeLine session last?
Again, it depends on how many sessions you've already done, and how many emotions there are to be processed. There is less to clear out with every session. The first session is a minimum of 2 hours. Remaining sessions run 60 - 90 minutes until we get very close to being done, then 30 - 45 minutes. If you have time constraints, Debbie can do much of the work silently, and not 'tell the story' and the session will be shorter.

When you talk about the LifeLine Technique, you keep talking about emotions. Is this like talk therapy?
No. The key to the LifeLine Technique is that the work is done in your subconscious mind. When you are talking about something, you are in the tiny percentage of your mind that is the conscious mind. The LifeLine Technique is content-free. Debbie doesn't have to know about anything that is going on with you. You don't have to talk about anything. At most, she will ask you to name an emotion associated with a specific situation. Other than that, when an emotion is named during the session, she will ask you simply to close your eyes and connect to that emotion. Using muscle reflex testing, she will determine whether your subconscious mind has connected, and then she will harmonize that emotion.

What can the LifeLine Technique be used for?
The LifeLine Technique can be used for anything - physical or emotional conditions, behavioral issues, limiting beliefs, relationship or financial issues. The entire premise of the LifeLine Technique is that all symptoms are created by emotions that have been denied, disconnected from, internalized or lost. Thus the harmonizing of these emotions clears whatever issues you may be experiencing regardless of the area.

Can these techniques be used on children and animals?
Absolutely! The LifeLine Technique is safe and effective for use on children and animals. I use a surrogate to do the session - the parent, or the pet's owner. This is an incredibly valuable tool for parents, as they get to learn what emotions their child is experiencing. The child would likely not be able to verbalize these emotions even if they were aware of them. It helps the parent know what needs to be reinforced in the child. And yes, animals are full of emotions too. However, they are easier to work on because they don't have any limiting beliefs like the rest of us! Animals respond beautifully to this technique. As part of her service/volunteer work, Debbie has worked remotely with the wolves at the White Wolf Sanctuary in Oregon helping them heal physical injuries as well as trauma and socialization issues.

How can I learn more about the LifeLine Technique?
You can purchase Dr. Weissman's book, "The Power of Infinite Love and Gratitude" which explains each part of the technique. His second book is "Awakening to the Secret Code of Your Mind". Debbie and her client Paul are featured in this book on page 61. Paul healed a very rare form of cancer using the LifeLine Technique. You can also go to Hay House Radio and search the archives for Dr. Weissman. He has been a guest on many people's shows and now hosts his own show called 'The Heart of the Matter'. Some people refer to Dr. Weissman as a "spiritual cardiologist", helping people to open their hearts through the LifeLine Technique. You can also go to his website: Dr. Darren Weissman.

Additionally, Debbie did two powerful radio interviews with Hal Price on his internet radio show called ‘Miracles By Design’ after Hal had experienced her work. The first show includes some powerful testimonials about her work Miracles By Design (Interview 1). The show was ranked so high (in the top 15 out of 1236 shows in the self-help category of Blog Talk Radio) that she was asked to return the following week. Dr. Weissman surprised Debbie that week by calling into the show and they did a great show together. Don’t miss the last ten minutes! Miracles By Design (Interview 2).

How can I learn more about Pranic Healing?
There are a number of excellent sites about pranic healing. Go to,, or On this last site, at the bottom of the home page, there is a video montage by CBS news about pranic healing.