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Services - Axiatonal Alignment

Take a progressive step forward and consider for a moment that we are made of light (energy) and sound. Change your perspective of your body by looking at it as a three-dimensional grid of golden lines, similar to the meridian system from Traditional Chinese Medicine. These lines are not just internal - they extend above and below you, and in all directions. These lines run through all things - earth, nature, the universe. The world does indeed look like a matrix of grid lines. These axiatonal lines connect you to all things, whether you are conscious of them or not. These lines were perfect when we were born. Over time however, they become thin and ragged, some break, and others get congested. Essentially we lose your connection - to the Great Mother, to the Divine, and to ourselves. There are certain spin points on the body; little vortexes of energy similar to chakras. These electromagnetic points emit light and sound frequencies which cause the atoms nearby to spin at a faster rate. These spin points create light fibers that create the axiatonal lines and affect the meridian systems. They are part of an axial circulatory system.

Debbie was trained by Rev. Chief Walter Soaring Eagle, Ph.D. He is a Sun Dancer, a Pipe Carrier, Chief of the Many Walks people, and an ordained Melchizedek priest. Axiatonal Alignment uses a series of gentle touch points to stimulate and send light (energy) through the axiatonal lines in the body, healing all the damage done over the years. It reconnects us to ourselves, to the Earth and its beings, and to the Divine. Some believe that Jesus was using axiatonal alignment when he touched (anointed) people on the forehead - thus repairing the connection between the human and the Divine.

Axiatonal alignment is done in three different sessions; each session building on the previous. In other words, session two will include everything from session one and more. Session three will include sessions one and two plus new things. After you have completed the third session, all three will always be done. The total time for a session is about 15 minutes. Debbie recommends some time to integrate between the first sessions. Three to four weeks is recommended between each of the first three sessions. Each person has a different experience with axiatonal alignment, but it mostly brings a profound sense of wholeness and well-being. It is similar to The Reconnection by Dr. Eric Pearl without the exorbitant cost. The cost is based on numerology and each session costs $27.

This link takes you to Debbie's beloved friend, mentor and teacher, Chief Walter Soaring Eagle, giving an introduction to axiatonal alignment.

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