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About Debbie Loshbough, CLP

Debbie grew up in various places around the country, with military parents. She worked in the Information Technology industry for many years. Even while enjoying a successful career, Debbie knew her heart was elsewhere. In her spare time, she participated in many volunteer activities. She took the second (ever) volunteer training class for Aid Atlanta in 1981. This was precipitated by her losing many dear friends, and a need to learn how to deal with grief. In 1987-88, she founded the AIDS Action Coalition in Huntsville, Alabama against all odds. AAC just celebrated its 20th anniversary and has provided services to more than 100,000 people in the HIV community.

In 1995, Debbie decided to pursue her natural talent for massage. She attended the comprehensive mind/body curriculum at the Atlanta School of Massage. This nurtured her spirit and brought her to a deeper understanding of her gifts for the healing arts. This journey was one of many 'winks and nods' from the Universe, urging her toward her true path in life.

Even though she knew her gift was for healing, compassion, nurturing and teaching, she found it difficult to let go of that corporate life with its security and benefits. She practiced massage and was very good at it but never did it full time. She continued to study and participate in those things which nurtured her heart and soul. She befriended a Native American elder who taught her Axiotonal Alignment amongst many other valuable things.

On her 50th birthday, Debbie's parents wanted to send her on a trip. She opted for the Louise Hay 'I Can Do It' conference in Tampa, FL. She had become familiar with Louise Hay in the early 1980s due to her work with people with HIV, and later through other affiliations. The opportunity to meet and work with all the Hay House authors was a delightful gift. It was at this conference that she 'accidentally' (we know there are no coincidences!) ended up in Dr. Darren Weissman's seminar. It was a life-changing two hours, and to this day she cannot explain what happened to her in that room. She left knowing, however, that the LifeLine Technique was to be an integral part of her future in the healing arts. She signed up immediately for the Conscious Body/Conscious Mind seminar two months later in December 2008 - the first of three weekend trainings. The second seminar occurred the following April, and the third seminar was a month after that.

A week after the third and final seminar, she learned that the I.T. company she had been with for 15 years would be laying her off that August. It was as if Spirit was saying, "I've been whispering in your ear for 15 years that you were not fulfilling your true purpose. You didn't take the hint, so now I'm giving you a big push out of the nest." Debbie took the certification exam for becoming a Certified LifeLine Practitioner the following month. There was an oral exam and a written exam. Debbie is usually the first one finished with a written exam, but this one took her nine solid hours to finish. Dr. Weissman requires a score of at least 90% to be certified, and Debbie passed with flying colors, receiving her certification later that month.

She has continued her healing journey learning Pranic Healing and many other healing methods. She uses a combination of all these things in her sessions. She has an intuitive knowledge of the best way to combine all of these techniques. She is the greatest example of success in her self-healing. She has healed herself from Major Depressive Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Panic Disorder, sub-clinical cancer, pituitary insufficiency, high blood pressure, gluten sensitivity, high cholesterol, and a myriad of aches, pains, viruses and other little things that have come up along the way. She has lost 45 pounds without any effort and has freed herself from low self-esteem issues. She is now off insulin, and two other diabetes medications. She has helped many other people with their own healing journeys as well.

Debbie is thrilled to have been 'pushed out of the nest' and radiates the powerful energy of someone who is living her truth, and following her intended path. She encourages you to live from your heart, and follow your own truth and she will help you release anything that may block your true path. She sends you blessings of Infinite Love and Gratitude.